Why are you creating this plan?

    The existing Cedar Valley Comprehensive Development Plan (CVCDP) was approved by Council in 1996.

    The Plan is now over 20 years old and a review of the plan is needed.

    Council’s 2016 to 2018 Strategic Plan identified the need for specific neighbourhood planning, including Cedar Valley;

    In January 2018, Council approved the District’s Official Community Plan (OCP) after 2 years of public consultation. The OCP is the District’s primary policy document related to land use, density and building design guidelines.

    Council directed staff to review the existing 1996 plan with the purpose of providing a renewed vision, updated objectives and policies and to coordinate the plan with engineering plans.

    The land use policies in this new plan are largely carried forward for the 1996 plan with modifications as needed.

    This draft plan also includes new policies to address emerging issues including: clarifying policies related to commercial development, encouraging a variety of housing types, and clarity around environmental protection and the provision of parks facilities.

    What is a "Local Area Plan?"

    Neighbourhood Planning typically takes the form of either a “Neighbourhood Plan” or “Local Area Plan”.

    Neighbourhood Plans are comprehensive documents where everything from servicing, road layouts, land use density and building design guidelines are discussed;

    Local Area Plans like this one are less specific and look primarily at roads, pedestrian corridors, utility corridors and other related servicing infrastructure with less emphasis on land use.

    How is the plan going to be implemented?

    Once approved by Council, the CVLAP will be used by District to guide decision making concerning development in Cedar Valley.

    The District has identified fourteen proposed amendments to the Official Community Plan land use designations to implement the CVLAP. The purpose of these amendments is to accommodate engineering infrastructure, a potential fire hall and future parks. They have been mentioned in the plan; however, further public consultation will occur after the plan is adopted.