What's a Housing Needs Report?

    The Province of BC has recently mandated that all local governments conduct a Housing Needs Report. Additional information on this is available here. A Housing needs reports is a data collection and analysis exercise completed by a local government to help them better understand their current and future housing needs. These reports help identify existing and projected gaps in housing supply by collecting and analyzing quantitative and qualitative information about local demographics, economics, housing stock, and other factors. A housing needs report is critical to developing a housing strategy or action plan.

    Will the report be publically accessible?


    When a housing needs report is complete, a local government is required to:

    • Receive the report at a council or board meeting that is open to the public, and
    • Publish the report on an internet site that is publicly and freely accessible

    Public reporting means that the public, First Nations, and stakeholders such as non-profit organizations, private developers, and other government agencies will have access to better information when making housing investment decisions.

    I need access to affordable housing, or I need help paying my rent! Where can I go?

    BC Housing is the largest provider of affordable housing in BC. You can access their listings here: https://www.bchousing.org/housing-assistance/rental-housing/housing-listings

    BC Housing also offers a number of rental assistance programs. Information on these programs can be found here: https://www.bchousing.org/housing-assistance

    Tell me more about this project.

    The District is completing a Housing Needs Report. The information collected will help the District understand current and future housing needs in Mission. This includes challenges residents face to access adequate and affordable housing.

    The first part of the project is to complete a Housing Needs Assessment Report. This is primarily a data gathering project that will help the District understand the challenges people are facing when it comes to finding and keeping housing. Additional information on the types of data we're collecting is available here.

    The second part of the project is to take the data gathered from the Housing Needs Assessment and complete a review of the District’s Affordable Housing Strategy and Incentives for Affordable Housing Policy. Additional information on this part of the project will be available later this fall.